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Extensions and Conservatories

Adding extensions and conservatories onto your home can add enormous value onto your home and of course means that you have more room for your family.

Extensions and Conservatories in Kent

However, choose the wrong company to take on the project and you could end up with a shoddy job with you having paid out many thousands of pounds and having to pay out for continuous repairs or even have to rebuild. Therefore when considering any large project such as a conservatory ensure you do your homework when it comes to choosing who to go with.

If you live in Kent, a local company with lots of experience and a great reputation such as ours could be a consideration.  You will be investing a great deal of money and time in to this project, so it is important that you choose the right company for the job.

The choice of conservatories is enormous and you are only limited by the amount you can pay out. Conservatories can start from just a few thousand pounds and go right up to many thousands. As a conservatory is such a big outlay and a project which will require some time to complete you should choose a company who are qualified for the job but who you also feel comfortable around to have in your home.


Extensions and Conservatories in KentIt is essential that you plan out extensions and conservatories well beforehand. Should you find that any changes need making after the company has looked over the plans then this could add enormous cost onto the project. Not to mention the company will probably not be very happy with you. A good reliable company would be able to show you projects they have already completed and provide referrals. This can give you great peace of mind.

When considering adding any building onto your home ask yourself what you want out of the room. For example is the conservatory or extension going to be a study, a child’s playroom or dining room? This will tell you a lot when it comes to choosing the style of the addition to your home.

There are many different styles of conservatory to choose from and the design of your home will have some influence to the style you choose, however on saying this style is a matter of personal preference. Two of the most common conservatories are the Edwardian and the Victorian. There is also the lean to conservatory if you just want a room where you can occasionally sit in the sun. Conservatories range from the small to the huge and again what you intend to do with the conservatory will go towards determining the size. If you are unsure of the type and style then go online and check out the many different types of conservatory before settling on your choice.

Another decision you will have to take into account when considering extensions and conservatories in Kent is the type of material. You generally have the choice of brick, PVCu, hardwood or aluminium. Again if you are unsure then talk over the benefits and pitfalls of each with your chosen company before making a final choice. PVCu comes with very little maintenance as is excellent for insulation; however the downside is that it lacks authenticity. Hardwood provides excellent authenticity and is excellent for a traditional conservatory; however it does require some maintenance to keep the wood in good shape. Aluminium is expensive and not very good at insulating but it excellent for roofing.