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Painting and Decorating

Painting and decorating your home is just a matter of personal taste. What one person considers being beautiful another could absolutely hate.

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There are many choices for decorating your home and these would take factors into account such as the type of room and the style of your home. You could want to wallpaper, paint or tile. You might want fabric wallpaper, tiled paper, and bright abstract or animal print. You might want to stick with traditional soothing colours or go totally outrageous with bold and bright splashes. However there is more to decorating than meets the eye and if you want a good job doing on your home then choosing a competent painter and decorator is essential.

Why will you need a professional painter and decorator?

Painting and decorating walls in your home is not as simple as it first seems to be and can turn in to a long winded, messy job, with a disappointing result. For example, there are many different types of paint out there and a professional decorator will instantly know which type would be the most suitable for the project at hand. You would need different paint for example for painting wood than you would for painting the walls and ceiling of your home. Even for the walls there are many different types of paint to take into account based on personal needs and whether you want a matt or satin finish to the walls.

When considering wallpaper for your home there are also many choices you have to make and wallpaper can range from a few pounds per roll to a great deal of money for designer wall papers. If you are thinking about wall papering an entire room then this is where a professional decorator will really come into their own. Measurements would have to be taken to ensure that you chose the right amount of rolls for the project at hand. What could be worse than choosing the perfect paper and then running out before the project was completed?

This is why a professional contractor can really come in to their own. If you live in Kent, a reliable, reputable and experienced company such as ours can make the whole process as painless as possible.

Here we share a few design tips and ideas tips for you to consider when decorating – these are worth bearing in mind whether or not you tackle the project yourself or use a professional painter and decorator.

Wallpapering tip

Wallpaper has serial numbers and comes in batches; the numbers should match as this ensures that the wallpaper will all be the same shade. This is essential as there could be quite a difference in batches and if you had paper from two separate batches on the same wall there may be a visible difference in shading. Always check and double check that you choose the amount of rolls all with the same batch numbers.

Tiling tip

If the room you want painting and decorating is a bathroom then of course one of the best choices for bathrooms is tiling. However there will also be some painting on such as skirting boards. The choices for tiling are enormous as tiles come in many different shapes and sizes. You can have the bathroom tiled in the same size and shape of tile or you can have motifs added into the design using different sized tiles or colours. This is personal choice but whatever style and type of tile you choose the whole room should be planned out to ensure that you get the right amount of tiles for the project.